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MattDotcom was set up following Sharon & David’s son Matthew being diagnosed with cancer.  Matthew quickly realised that back in the early 2000s technology was moving forward as such a pace that teenagers stuck in hospital could with the right equipment continue their education, stay in touch with family and friends and use the equipment as a distraction from the often painful treatment that they have to endure.

MattDotCom was set up to provide teenagers with the loan of a laptop and in the early days some USB and floppy discs (remember them?) so that they could send school work to and from school and hospital or home.  Originally a system cost around £2,500, weighed a ton and they were loaned out.  As technology advanced the specification has increased, now we have light weight laptops (around 1.5 kilos), wifi, printer/scanners, social media and the whole system now fits in a rucksack.  Originally it took a wheelchair or two to bring a system to a teenager.

Matthew sadly died before his ultimate goal was achieved that of giving the equipment to the teenagers, but today with a complete system costing around £1,000, with a specification of over 50 time greater than when we started he would be very proud of the charity set up in his name.

Please support us if you can https://www.justgiving.com/mattdotcom

If you are looking for an application form please e-mail “support at mattdotcom.org.uk”

To date we have supported over 120 teenagers and continually have more requests

Thank you for your support